Sunday, March 19, 2017

Leek, Potato and Red Leicester Pasties

I bought my god-daughter a recipe book for her 4th birthday recently, but had flick through before I wrapped it. Page 90 caught my eye, cheese and potato pasties....yum yum.

I had to try them and added leeks as well just to see what they would come out like. Check out the recipes page to try them.

On the plot this week I've dug up the last of parsnips, pulled up all but one of the brussels stalks and the final PSB plant is showing signs of earning it's keep. Under the cloche things are looking good... oh and the water butt has sprung a leak. 

In sad news one of next years summer PSB seedlings has turned up its leaves and exited stage left... No idea what happened there but I guess that's why we plant spares.

Happy cooking and gardening folks..  


Sue Garrett said...

Wei guess our parsnips won't last much longer. The pasties sound good - did you make your own pastry too?

Dicky said...

I'm not that brave Sue... don't think I've done that since school