Tuesday, May 08, 2007

At Last It's Raining :-)

It was the few showers and the promise of more, along with some reasonable temperatures that made me decide it was time to plant out the sweetcorn, that and the fact they were trying to escape from the bottom of the peat pots!!!! The beans are getting the same way so the last of the leeks and parsnips will come up this weekend to make room for the canes and planting out. It's a little early for my liking but I can always get the fleece out. One plot holder has risked putting out tomatoes plants already.

Elsewhere thinks are cracking on, all the spuds are up, the cauliflowers are holding their own, lettuces look good, the flea beetle have had the Pak Choi and there is even evidence of some carrots coming through.

Not a lot harvesting right now, parsnips, radishes and leeks are about it. Hopefully the lettuce will be coming through soon.

The Radishes and The Flea Beetle Bitten Pak Choi

The Cauliflowers and The Lettuces

Monday, April 23, 2007

First Crops of 2007 !!!!!

The title sounds a bit dramatic for a few radishes but they are the first thing to come off the plot that was sown this year, very nice they are too.

Elsewhere, the PSB has finished now, the little warm spell made it flower nicely, the lettuces are coming on, the main spuds are in and the beans and tomatoes are just emerging in their pots, one cauliflower didn't make it.

Only really the squashes and main carrots to plant now and then keep the replanting of others going.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's taking Shape - But Am I Behind

Things are starting to move on the plot now, thanks to the warmer weather. As you can see it looks like a tent village at the moment, with early lettuces and the like hiding under cloches. Our plot is near a river and the temprature there is always a couple of degrees lower than at home.

The PSB is producing loads and already more than paid for the time investment, first time I've had it, very impressed, will be doing a summer variety this year. Don't think it will last much longer though.

My first lettuces are sheltering under the cloches tunnel and are growing nicely, these are Sangria, Little Gem and Counter, already planted more to follow them up.

The Candid Charm Cauli's have suffered some transplant shock, could be the cold, could be I didn't water them in very well, could be the shock of going into limed soil ???? I think they will be OK but will plant some spares in case.

Two rows of radishes (French Breakfast 3) and one of Spring Onions (Ramrod) are in the cold frame and doing OK, might have to fill in some gaps in the onions though.

And finally this contraption is sheltering my carrot, parsnip and beetroot seeds in case it rains and causes the clay to cap over too much, they were planted in well watered trenches and covered with well raked, dry soil so fingers crossed. The ends are covered now so might alos help with carrot fly. The rest of the bed will be spuds, 4 rows of earlies are in, the mains will follow this weekend.

And finally here are all the plants growing on the bench at home. there are more indoors that I planted this weekend that will go in here once they germinate.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's Getting Warmer !!!

It’s that time of year again, slightly lighter evenings so you can visit the plot without breaking your neck and ankle and a hint of warmer weather that makes you reach for the seeds and compost J

I’ve already been to the garden centres, over bought everything I think I’ll need and started planting, I just wish the rain would give it a rest now and let me get on with some digging!!!!. I’ve made a start and re-cut the edges of 3 of the beds and trimmed all the grass, I’ve got one to go but its way too wet, the soil has the sort of consistency that would make a good mud wrestling ring!!!!

Still growing from last year are leeks, parsnips and suedes, all very nice, once again though my broccoli has been the victim of a bit of bad luck (and a savage high level attack!!!), I thought I was doing well, not a single sign of pigeon problems was I having, until it snowed and the buggers stripped all the purple sprouting!!!!!. Luckily it has recovered and was worth the wait, it's now producing a good few meals a week, will be netting it next year.

Here's some pics of my planting this year

Cauliflower seedlings

I have planted some onions from seed (Bedford Champion), (I wouldn’t be growing many this year), leeks (Musselburgh), cauliflower (Candid Charm), Spinach (Tornado F1) and lettuces (Sangria, Little Gem and Counter), Cabbage (tundra F1, Walking stick) all in cells ready for planting out in situ under cloches. I've dragged the cold frame to the plot and planted radishes and spring onions direct. Sweet corn,, chillies, peppers and auberines are warming nicely in the airing cupboard.

Happy Gardening for 2007!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!

Apart from regular visits to top up the compost bin there isn't a lot doing on the plot at the moment, the ground to wet and heavy and it sticks to your boots like a bugger.

As you can see below my last post on the parsnip potential proved right and we got a couple of lovely specimens for the xmas dinner table, lovelty and sweet after the frosts. The leeks were good and strong and I'll be trying a new creamed leeks recipe this weekend and some mashed swede I think.

The sprouting brocoli is doing well, a bit pushed over by the wind but none the worse off for it.I never got round to taking the cold frame down so no winter lettuce's for me.

The seed order for next year is already here and I'm eager to get planting, seed spuds this year I'll buy local.

Roll on the warmer weather!!!!!!!