Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!

Apart from regular visits to top up the compost bin there isn't a lot doing on the plot at the moment, the ground to wet and heavy and it sticks to your boots like a bugger.

As you can see below my last post on the parsnip potential proved right and we got a couple of lovely specimens for the xmas dinner table, lovelty and sweet after the frosts. The leeks were good and strong and I'll be trying a new creamed leeks recipe this weekend and some mashed swede I think.

The sprouting brocoli is doing well, a bit pushed over by the wind but none the worse off for it.I never got round to taking the cold frame down so no winter lettuce's for me.

The seed order for next year is already here and I'm eager to get planting, seed spuds this year I'll buy local.

Roll on the warmer weather!!!!!!!