Sunday, March 22, 2020

Mad March!!

Blimey what a lot has changed since the last post...  It feels like the world has gone mad. The biggest worry at the moment is what happens in terms of access to allotments if the lock down gets worse.

I made a start prepping a bed on the farm today. The covers are off the pea/broad bean bed now, I threw on some Growmore and worked it in with hoe before raking it smooth, it was dug over at the end of last year so that is all that's needed.

I need to redo the netting on the pea cage before moving it into place and planting out my broads which are hardening off in the garden. They are a bit leggy and needed staking. They got a bit warm in the house during the storms but putting out a pop up greenhouse for Derek to trash seemed a little silly. These will go out next week as we have a couple of cold nights coming.

At home I have a gone for a larger pop up green house. It's weighted and tied down so fingers crossed it stays in place. I might even set it up as a home office as it's pretty toasty in there!

Over the weekend I have planted my tomatoes, leeks, pickling onions, brussels, oca and broccoli. I've thinned my flower seedlings, (pansy, marigold and mimulus) and pepper plants. I've also re-sown my white oinons as they all died off. I suspect dampened off so I'll be more careful and try and water from the bottom this time. I've need had this before.

That's quite a few trays of plants to bring in on a cold night but hopefully I'll be able to leave them in the greenhouse overnight soon.

Happy gardening folks, stay safe