Monday, June 12, 2006

My Evil Plan Has Worked

The plan when I took on this plot was to sow everything at home and pot it out, so I could give it a good start and keep and eye on it, so far it's working.

I have finally potted out all the plants, it's the first year so I'm not worrying too much about stretching the session etc, it would have happened with the brocolli but I got drunk, over slept and forgot to open the coldframe killing the first batch.

Any way here are some more pics:

The brocolli (Red Baron, Marathan, Nataliano) are in, derris'd against flea beetle, slug pelleted against slugs and netted against pigeons!!!. If anything can get at them I reckon they earned them!!

The squashes, 3 pumpkin (growing for a party), 3 butternut, 2 round and 1 long yellow courgette

The strawberries I inherited, I though I was losing them to slugs, turns out it's the birds, caught the little b******s today, netting goes up tomorrow!!!

And here's a genral one of the plot, the grassy area at teh back will bed an extra bed next year....I just haven't told the council yet.