Sunday, February 09, 2020

Strawberry Fields Forever....

A little dramatic that title, more like strawberry beds until the decking rots away.

On a sunny Saturday morning  I fitted my painted raised strawberry beds to the bed frame. They are lined with plastic and filled with a mix of topsoil, manure and potting compost.

Once the plants are in and start to fruit I'll fill the gaps between the planters with weed control fabric and a layer of straw to keep the weeds down and reflect the sunlight, which is also the reason for the white paint.

Provided this weekends storm has left me something to work with I have to fit another layer of painted decking on top of the outside of the bed before making and fitting a hinged netting lid. It may seem like over kill but I like strawberry's and the critters usually get more than I do!

It's been a bonus to get on with such jobs in January thanks to the mild weather, although the ground is certainly too soggy to dig so it's limited to a hoeing the exposed areas.  

Also in the fruit bed it was good to see that the rhubarb crown I dug up, split and moved at the end of last season has survived, this new leaf has come through in the last week.

The next post could be a damage report, we'll see as soon as I can get down the farm in daylight.

Happy gardening folks!  

Friday, January 31, 2020

And We're of!!

Sowing season started here last Saturday with chilli's, leeks, white onions, peppers and dahlias.

And the winner is..... Dahlias, 6 out of 8 up already.

I'll start Broads of this weekend and get the just arrived seed spuds set up to chit.

I'm going to put a cloche or 2 up on the plot to warm the soil for radishes, lettuce and early carrots, if it stops raining!!

Happy gardening folks!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New Potting Trays

So far this year all I've planted is a row of garlic that started growing in the kitchen cupboard. Leeks, onions, Broads and chili's are on the schedule for this weekend.

In the mean time I've been building myself a couple of these wooden pot holding trays out of pallet wood. Far more sturdy than the thin plastic things that break under the weight of damp compost. Recycling at it's best.
My cleaner is pleased I'll be doing all the planting and potting in the garage this year instead of in the kitchen now I have my work benches.

I've been working on the new strawberry bed when it's been warm at the weekend, pictures to follow soon.

Happy gardening folks!

Monday, November 11, 2019

A Review of 2019

My apologies for the lack of posts over the summer, while I have managed to keep up with the tasks on the plot and get a good haul in the process, time for posting here has been a bit short. Work and DIY does tend to get in the way, along with quite a few BBQ's of course.

The cold start and hot couple of months did cause a few issues but it's fair to say that everything planted put in some kind of appearance and we certainly didn't go short this year.

So here is a rather pictorial update of this years progress.

Love a freshly picked sweetcorn. They did well this year despite a bit of wind damage
50mph winds bent a few of the sweetcorn
The changeable weather meant that the sprouting broccoli put in an early appearance this year
Plenty of tomatoes this year, although the dry conditions did make some of the skins a little tough
Malbec carrots. The first planting had to be scrapped but the second produced a good crop. Carrot fly have been an issue this year

Even managed to get a couple of decent sized peppers
It was a good onion crop this year

Last of the onions strung for winter usage. I'll definitely grow from seed next year as well
Carrots, leeks and parsnips. The leaf miner has hit the leeks again this year but there are still some usable ones. Some kind of protection will be needed for next year
The biggest of 2 pumpkins, large squashes didn't have a great year
And they ended up like this!
A picture from last weekend. Leeks, parsnips and brassicas. Oca covered in fleece in the background. I need to remind myself what to do with them. 
This year I've pickled my own onions, they do have a bite! and even got to like a boiled beetroot

The plot is looking quite tidy. I've manured and covered all the finished beds and I've been working on tidying the fruit bed. I don't think I'll get the strawberries replaced this year but I'll have the bed ready in the spring.

We've had the usual end of season visits from the vandals and they slashed the pea cage netting and Brian's shirt. It happens every year, usually closer to christmas, but at least they left the veg alone.

Hope you've all had a good season.

Happy Gardening Folks!!