Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Spuds and Pots

Now I bet you're thinking aren't those the same thing, he's got it wrong!! Fear not readers, the pots I'm referring to are the plastic kind, not the sprouting kind.

This years spuds will be Rocket for earlies and King Edward for mains. Last year I planted Foremost early and Harlequin salad, and didn't have room for mains, which wasn't ideal for later in the season. In fairness Heather did warn me. So this year hopefully I've got it right with 2,5kg of each and there won't be too much overlap. That said I've only recently finished the Harlequins.

Usually I'd buy the seed spuds from one of the usual online retailers, but because of the weight the delivery charges seem a bit steep, so this year it was the local B&Q. There were quite a few varieties on offer at a good price (2 bags for £6). I visited Homebase the other weekend and they seem to offer even more varieties, including some less mainstream. I was tempted but really don't have the room.

These will be chitting under the bed where they get a bit of light, not too much heat and are easy to check on.

The pots part is a self treat, a 2 tier greenhouse just the right size for these pots trays. Last year the kitchen window sill got a bit overloaded so this should help. It can stand inside the patio door then go outside when it warms up. As its a low height hopefully the wind won't batter it, but B&Q do do replacement covers. 80 pots should be a good start.


Sue Garrett said...

I think that we all have our minds on the same things! Some of our early salad potatoes stored almost as long as the mains.

Dicky said...

This year the spud bed is a bi smaller as well. The crop rotation puts it in the bed part occupied by Asparagus. Had to exercise some self control this year.