Sunday, February 05, 2017

Let The Planting Begin!!

November was the last time we planted anything and it seems like a very long time ago, but now it's that time again, having poured over the seed catalogues and spent our cash on seeds we can finally start planting. The most obvious thing to do is rip open all the seed packets, fill pots with compost as quickly as you can and plant the lot, however this year a bit of common sense has prevailed.

This year I've actually read the seed packets properly and taken into consideration that pretty much everything will be planting out on the plot, which is in a dip, by a river and therefore at risk of a late frost.

This in mind we have so far only planted a few things, chillies and aubergines that need a long growing seasons into pots, leeks in a tray instead of a seed bed outside and marigolds for companion planting into something that I think mushrooms came in. The rest will be staying in the seed tin, sorted into the order they will be planted for a bit longer.

It may not be much but even this little bit of planting gets you feeling that it might be a good year on the plot. Something has already sprouted in the leek tray, but sadly it's not a leek!

You can check our planting/potting/harvesting progress on the PLANTING TIMETABLE here.   

Happy Planting Folks!

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Sue Garrett said...

It's likely ti be another month or so before we start planting.