Monday, January 16, 2017

The Good Life

There are 2 reasons I got into veg growing, firstly when I was a kid half our back garden was my dads veg plot and I watched as he managed to grow huge amounts of veggies, and secondly I used to love watching 'The Good Life', for the gardening and the comedy.

Heather had heard of the program (she's from the US remember) but had never seen it which prompted me to try and find it for her. A quick Google later and success, the whole lot on 5 DVD's for the princely sum of £11.99!!!

It's still as good as ever, perhaps I even appreciate the comedy more now, there are some great one liners in there.

Any else a fan?


Sue Garrett said...

I think some of the people who have come and quickly gone from out site have idealistic ideas of an allotment. They get a shock when the realise it is hard work.

I like blogs with short pieces of text and lots of photos like yours so I will be adding you to my bloglist. Please fell welcome to join in the comments on mine - it's a good way to build up your own following and join the blogging community. It is useful to have some idea of your location - ie County - so you can more easily compare and pick up tips.

Sue Garrett said...

Sorry my mistake just spotted your location - how on earth did I miss it?

Dicky said...

Thanks Sue. Good advice on the comments too.