Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Seeds Arrive - So how much did you spend?

I got home to find two well stuffed Jiffy bags on the mat on Tuesday, the unmistakable arrival of the seed order. Somehow it always gives me the urge to start planting but a quick look at the weather and the fact we haven't yet bought a bag of potting compost soon puts  stop to that idea, as the accompanying "Success with Seeds" booklet says, don't be in too much of a hurry to get things started, wait for the weather.

If you add this little lot to the leftovers from last year, (see 4th Jan), and the 2 bags of seed potatoes in the garage and it could be a busy year.

This years seed bill was a higher one, mostly because we dumped a lot of old seed and decided to try some new varieties, a total of £57. Heather is thinking of cataloguing our produce this year to see how much we make back. The asparagus certainly pays for itself lets see what else does.

So how much did you spend and have you added up how much your crops are worth?


Sue Garrett said...

Last year we kept a check on the monetary value of our crops using supermarket prices. We made a huge profit , mainly down to soft fruit. I doubt that we saved money just ate more fruit and vegetables. We wouldn't have actually bought 27kg of raspberries or 67kg of strawberries! Some fruit such as quince, Japanese wineberries and jostaberries are not available to buy.

As for how mush dp we spend on seeds - I daren't say but I'll post a photo tomorrow of our haul so far!

Unknown said...

It is somewhat easy to get carried away... Had the rein outs in a bit too. Who really needs 5 types of carrots

Sue Garrett said...

Peter Rabbit