Lessons & Thoughts For Next Year

Here I'm going to list any thoughts on what went well, what failed and what to remember I said I'd do for next year:


Don't plant leftovers, only buy seed potatoes to reduce the risk viruses


No mains next year, just more interesting earlies and salads. Mains are cheap, earlies are expensive. Earlies are in the ground less time and they taste better. The local garden centre had lots.

Onions: Check the garden centre, they had some interesting ones.

Sweetcorn: Are a pain up the *%$"£(%£!!. Plant a lot more than you need as the germination rate is not good.

Over Wintering Crops:
These need to go through weed control fabric to reduce maintenance.
Broads beans may not be worth it. 50% loss rate so the ground may be better off covered for the winter
If planting broads provide support

Runner Beans:
Mid May is early enough to start these off otherwise your windowsills start to look like the amazon rain forest very quickly. Alternatively plant direct.

Beans in General:
Get sunburn!! and then the tips die. Which along with the above is a bit of a pain.... Direct sowing may be preferred

Is ready when its big enough, and will bolt when you turn your back!

Everything needs more space than you think. It's easier to weed and water if the can get between rows

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