Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Current State of Play

The best way to describe the plot at the moment is ‘ cold, soggy, boggy and foggy’. As the pictures show it all looks a bit sad down there at the moment.

That said, the site of the autumn planted crops slowly doing their thing while covered in frost does remind you that things are still moving along. The warm autumn here gave them a good start and the broads in particular look like they stand a good chance of a decent crop next year. Hopefully the garlic will produce a decent sized bulb too. We do get a bit of a ground frost as we are in a dip near a river.

There’s not a lot we can do at the moment but we pop down with compost, check the crops/covers/shed and pick a few bits and pieces. This was the first winter veggie haul. Some of the leeks are still a bit small, as are the sprouts, I’m putting that down to the hot/dry summer last year. The parsnips have done quite well when you consider these weren't planted until May, the first sowing having been washed away in heavy rains. 

We spent a long time getting the plot ready for winter, my poor old car hauled lots of boxes of manure from the local stables (much to the delight of the local valeting centre) which was tillered in before covering up for weed control over winter

Roll on the covers coming off in the spring!!

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