Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Those Crafty Seed Companies

I was working at home between Christmas and new year when with an almighty crash something large came through the letterbox. I wasn't expecting anything and to my surprise I found not one, but two seed catalogues on the doormat. Heather got an excited email!

The competitors for the seed fund
 How do they know that I was just thinking we must do next years seed order, did they communicate to have the catalogues arrive together in such a timely fashion or did they just draw in some kind of race for our cash. To be honest I didn't care, it prompted me to dig out the seed tin, open up  a new spreadsheet, I know it's sad but I'm a techy, and start the annual seed order.
The contents of one seed tin. There is another just like it
I'm sure we aren't the only ones here who get all excited and start marking off everything in the book like a small kid with the Argos catalogue at Christmas, or that we are the only ones who suddenly realise that we may have gone a bit over the top, especially given the stock seeds from the previous year and the fact we are not trying to replant a rain forest here.

There are a few changes for this year based on last years successes and failures, likes and dislikes, we settled on purple dwarf beans, different cucumbers with a better skin, French beans that you can use as haricots, and by the way of new varieties cape gooseberry, celery, chocolate cherry toms and fennel. Really this year is just a tweaking of last years varieties. With practise and experience we'd like to go a little off piste with some crops, heritage varieties etc.

One tip is compare the catalogues carefully, look at the price and number of seeds you get, from each supplier. I found that this way you can make some good savings and get more seed. Don't forget the pesky delivery charges though.

Roll on planting season!

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