Monday, July 31, 2017

The Full Salad

Its the big day finally, the full home grown salad is ours. The tomatoes are starting to ripen!!

This weekend saw the first bowl of toms heading for salad, the Lidl, Choc Cherry and Gardeners Delight are delicious. A few have split thanks to all the heavy rains but they still taste good.

In fact not a bad harvest all round and to top off  today I had the first of the sweetcorn, Ambrosia F1. A two tone number with good sized kernels and good sized cobs, also a good cropper with 2 or 3 cobs per plant. Sweetcorn and home grown salad...result. This is when all the work pays off.

I love this time off year, tomorrow sweetcorn and new potatoes!

We have a quiet weekend coming up so if the rain holds off we'll get a few hours in tidying the farm which looks a little neglected, however productive.

Anyone need a courgette!!!

Happy gardening folks :O)


Sue Garrett said...

Isn't it satisfying to look at a plate of food and be able to say, " We grew all that"?

Mal said...

Tomatoes here starting to ripen. Sweetcorn - No Way! Yours looks great!

Dicky said...

Hi Sue.. Certainly is, tomatoes are always the highlight. They are lovely and the alicantes are just coming through now. The choc cherries don't keep so long, but then they rarely get a

Hi Mal... I'm very pleased with the sweetcorn, a good heavy cropper this one and very sweet. Definitely on the list for next year.