Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The Courgette Leader Board

Those readers who joined us last year or have read the older posts may remember the post on the courgette glut we had last year. It's HERE

Well silly season is on us again, and just for fun I thought we'd have a courgette leader board to see which variety produces the most.

We have ten plants this year, 3 Easy Pick Gold, 3 Floridor and 4 Zuchinni. So in theory the Zuchinni has a head start... but lets see.

The leader board is over on the right....on your marks, get set, GO!!!!!

Happy gardening folks!!


Sue Garrett said...

We are growing Defender (green) and Atena Polka (yellow) so far our yellow is producing more fruits.

Daisy Debs said...

Thats a good idea , you're doing really well ! I took my climbing Black Forest Courgette plants over to my daughter's garden , for her to grow on for me , as I'm trying to get fruit and save seeds from a heritage variety of squash in my garden . It's a right business and I cant wait to get back to growing all my courgettes and butternuts again next year ! :)