Friday, May 26, 2017

Rad'nips and Tur'ishes

Turnips were my favourite discovery last year, I like them raw in a salad or roasted. Mashed with honey is nice too. I have seeds for 3 varieties this year and the first sowing, the Snowball, are ready now.

They've come out pretty clean and untouched by bugs, probably because I thinned them out properly this year. Delicious!!

These are radishes were a freebie with the Mr F's order, Candela di fuoco. A long, slightly pinkish little number that pack quite a peppery punch when small, it seems to get milder as they get bigger. Gives a salad quite a kick.

Happy gardening folks!!


Sue Garrett said...

That radish looks like a chilli - must be a hint that it is spicy.

Dicky said...

Hi Sue

And like chillis the smaller, the hotter!

These ones do go woody very quickly though