Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beet'en to the Beetroot

The great cloche experiment was looking like it would yield an early crop of beetroot, and as they were nicely established I removed the cloche when the sun started to show its face a bit.

Two days later when I arrived on the farm I was greeted by nothing but purple and yellow stalks, something had eaten all the leaves. Not surprisingly the rest of the plant promptly turned up its toes and exited stage left! This sad picture shows the aftermath.

I've never had this issue before, I haven't seen any slugs and nothing nearby has been damaged. I'm guessing its pigeons or other birds that couldn't get to them when the cloche was on.

Anyone else had this before?

I hate seeing this at any time of the year but especially during the quite period between the end last years crops and the start of this years / overwintered crops producing something edible. At the moment all we have it salad bowl lettuce asparagus and a few leeks.

Hopefully we are going to see some more produce soon, turnips are starting to bulk up and have been thinned properly and the overwintered broads are now getting a few decent pods.

I've been doing a few little jobs on the way to work this week and there are a few hours set aside this weekend to get us back on schedule. May update due next week!  

Happy gardening folks :O)


Unknown said...

It's sparrows on my plot - they love the leaves. Or blackbirds wanting to see if there is anything tasty underneath. I've put out some this week, some netted some not and the un-netted ones have been whomped.

Dicky said...

I hope it's not Bob that I wrote about earlier.

I may have to net or fleece the next lot, never have this before, may it's because its an early sowing

You live and learn