Sunday, February 26, 2017

Good Intentions as Always

Not much progress gardening wise in the last few days, unless it was seeds germinating etc. What with storm Doris, work commitments and decorating the lounge. When I bought this house 4 years ago I intended to refurb it in a year, 4 years and 3 months later I still have the hall to do.

This got me thinking about all those promises we make ourselves at the start of each growing season, the next season I'll do that differently ones, and then next season forget all about it. Every time I decide to grow something different I look up how to get the best results, take the best care possible, and then forget all about it......again!

So this year here are all my good intentions laid out in writing so I don't forget them all, we'll see how I faired at the end of the year. 
  1. Thin out beetroot, radishes, turnips carrots etc - I am a great one for planting a row of something and thinning generally involves waiting until some are big enough and harvesting them, meanwhile all its neighbours are rather squashed and deformed, well not this year.
  2. Use fleece or cloches more - I  have plenty of both in the shed, but I forget about them, apart from maybe cloching a few early lettuces. This year I'll use them to extend the season, protect from frost and get better germination rate.....honest guv.
  3. Use mulches - Lots of things benefit from mulching, and given our available evening time for watering I'm sure our crops would benefit from better moisture retention, especially celery and fennel which need it. So this year I'll make use of the grass cuttings.... I promise.
  4. Not burying squashes - Some how I always forget that squashes shouldn't be watered directly and bury them in a kind of crater so the stems get wet, instead of on a mound with watering holes at the base. This year they will stand proudly atop a hill of their own......even I can remember that.
  5. More regular feeding - Feed every 2 weeks, feed weekly, feed regularly. Except time flys and I can't remember when we last did it most of the time. This year I'll leave a note on the shed door each time to remind us. ... If I remember a pen that is.
  6. Test the soil - Do I need to lime for brassicas. Well this year I have bought a tester and actually done this one. Go me!!

Wish me luck & post your good intentions below 


Mark Willis said...

Posting your good intentions so publicly here is brave! However, I suspect that most gardeners have lots of things they intended to do, but never got round to. It's just that they don't admit it. I have very limited growing-space and there is always the temptation to try and cram too much in, which is a bad approach really, as it leads to poor-quality veg.

Sue Garrett said...

This year we have actually tidied areas of our plot that have needed doing for a couple of years. It's a good feeling.

Dicky said...

Brave or stupid.... we shall see Mark. Just thinking that putting them out there may help.
I feel your pain, I have a bad habit of planting my spares!