Sunday, March 05, 2017

A bit of reading material

Not a lot has happened on the farm this week as the weather has been decidedly cold, wet and windy. I popped down today in the brief hour of sunshine and did a bit of picking, dug out some sprawling raspberry canes and dropped off a couple of pallets I'd got from a community website to use for my irrigation system. A haul of rather small but usable veg.....

At home I've been doing some potting up etc. I have one more job to do then I'll blog the progress, but for this entry as the heading says, its about reading material.

The last week or so I've been reading Digger's Diary - Tales from the Allotment by Victor Osbourne. Victor has been writing for the Telegraph's weekend section since 1996 and this book chronicles a year on his allotment. It's not a gardening book, or a cookery book but I found I picked up some tips and a couple of recipes to try. It's a humorous look at allotment life, the regular characters and trials and tribulations that we all encounter. Well written and well worth a read.

My copy was found by Heather at the local scout book sale, but it's available on amazon HERE

I like reading other peoples blogs and seeing how they are getting on, getting ideas and following their progress, during a bit of surfing time this week I found some new blogs to read. I added them to the Blogs section on here, I hope you enjoy them to.

I even discovered that one of the large council allotment sites in Chelmsford has an allotment association that has been running for over 50 years with a trading hut and regular social do's etc, something I feel our site is a bit lacking. The councils BBQ ban doesn't help I guess. I hope to visit the trading hut soon.

And finally.... the seed companies have done it again. I was looking through the seeds and found my carrots are rather a late variety. I was thinking I should get some other variety and as if by magic this's fate I tell you!!

Happy gardening Folks


Sue Garrett said...

I'll check out those other blogs always ready to try a new one.

Dicky said...

Hi Sue. I like seeing what happens in the real world, not just in Mr Titchmarsh's camera ready plot..