Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pot(ter)ing On

The other evening I spent a couple of hours pottering and potting on all our tomatoes. They had got to about 2 1/2 inches tall and most of the 5cm pots had 2 plants in them so it was time to give them some leg room. 

I figured the roots were probably too large now for digging around with a pencil or similar so I opted to empty pots out carefully and pick them up by the leaves to transplant them. The pots are carefully tipped out and most of the soil is gently knocked off the roots.

The plant is then dropped into a hole the depth of the stem up to the first leaves in a pot of watered compost and the hole filled in.

A final water and we are ready to go.

The end result of the evenings work was this.

The plants for the plot and my back garden are in the cut down 2 litre coke bottles. The extra depth available with these meant I could leave space above the soil line to add more compost later as the plants grow and put out more roots from the stem. Hopefully this gives them a better root structure before I plant them out.

All the others I've grown to give away so I've put them in any spare larger pots I could find.  Some are heading to the sun trap that is Heather balcony where the season is generally longer. There are still a few spares in case any decide that the new pot isn't for them.

The rest of the evening was spent clearing up the kitchen!

Fingers crossed they all survive, and that blight doesn't strike like last year.

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Sue Garrett said...

I second the plea for a blight free year.