Saturday, April 08, 2017

Hi I'm Bob

This is Bob, Bob was following me round the farm today for a couple of hours as I weeded out the onion bed, a long over due task.. As I dug out the weeds he bobbed along, hence the name, cleaning up the bugs and taking a few bits of grass and twig for a nest. He got within about 4 feet for a while and even shouted at me to go faster. It made the weeding a far more pleasant task. His mate Robin even showed up for a bit, I assume they headed off for a pint after.

Four hours on the farm today, it was never supposed to be that long but it was a great evening and I was enjoying myself.

The onion bed is finally clear of overwintering weeds. It looked far worse than it was, mostly large leafed weeds that had not got a deep root system in place in the capped over clay soil. While it looks good I can't help wondering if disturbing the soils solid surface is inviting more weeds to take root. I'd better get the mulching done sharpish.

To help with the mulch production I got myself a new toy, a good old fashioned push mower. I'd been watching them used on eBay but in the end went for a new one as the price was so similar. It's light and easy to use and while the edges still need to be sorted by other means as it doesn't do well on one wheel, but it certainly improves the look of the place.

Bob's smart, be like Bob....

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