Sunday, May 14, 2006

What A Difference

A bit of sunshine makes.....

I'll have to post photos of the evidence later as I forgot the camera on Saturday when I spent 4 1/2 hours weeding, planting and digging. Here's an update on the lottie beds.

Bed 1

The great sunny weather and a bit of rain last week have made a HUGE difference, all the early spuds are shooting upwards at a great rate of knots, not earthing them too much, but keeping a very close eye on the weather forecast. The mains are in, but no sign of them yet. All the parsnips have germinated, I now have 1 per station planted, quite an acheivement after all the warnings I got. The leeks aren't in yet but it won't be long, some are getting to quite a size in their bog roll tubes now. the beds ready for them anyway.

Bed 2

The carrots...or lack there of. Finally the first sowings of Early Nantes are showing, been very slow, even under plastic, but finally we have some tiny shoots showing. Also planted 2 rows or main orange and 2 rows of main purple carrots this sat in lines of peat. The onions and garlic are going well, there is the odd failed red one but all the white ones and garlic are fine. This bed took 1 1/2 hours to weed, still doing battle with something the previous people had planted, ut it looks good now.

Bed 3

Hoed and weeded round me salad stuff, removed the clouche for a bit of air and planted out some more rocket, lettuce, pak choi and radishes. The flea beetle, I've seen them now, are still eating the pak choi and radishes but a spray with liquid derris seems to be helping. Must remember to take slug pellets down for this bed. The beetroot and spring onions are just coming through as well. Dug over the half for brassicas, got to firm it ready for planting out now.

Bed 4

Still under wraps, start that one next weekend, bean trench and putting cane up to start.

Pics to follow....

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