Monday, May 01, 2006

Let there be weeds

Apologies for the lack of posting this month, been up to my arm pits. A good month for greenery, especially weeds, spent 2 1/2 hours weeding and cutting grass edges on the lottie Saturday but at least I can see progress.

The early spuds are coming up now, at least I think that's what's poking through, I was worried I had buried them a bit deep, need to get the mains in now, might have a crack at that one day this week.

The parsnips are in that bed too and it looks l like they have decided to put in an appearance, a few tiny seedlings are poking their heads through the sand/peat mix I put them in.

The onion and garlic are going great guns, birds have left them alone and apart from an ongoing battle with something the previous owners have planted in that bed that refuses to die and needs constant weeding they all seem quite happy. Good news is that whatever is eating my radishes and pak choi in the clouch seems to like whatever it is as well which helps to control it. Think I'm going to have to hoe the onions every week this year though....!

In the last inhabited bed is the nearest I'm getting to something I can eat, the lettuces are coming on well, little gem, red salad bowl and sangria, some should be ready for picking soon. radishes and pak choi are being munched by something, I think flea beetle, I have given them a spray with liquid derris and will see what happens, most likely going to have to pull them up and start again.

Nearly Dinner

In the nursery as it is now called the runner beans and sweetcorn are coming up nicely, I managed to murder the broccoli by getting drunk and forgetting to open the coldframe which cooked them long before they are ready for that sort of thing.

The peppers are doing well and along with the 3 early tomato plants will be moving into the greenhouse next door that I'm using as soon as I finish cleaning it up.

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