Monday, December 28, 2020

2020 Season Review and a New Platform

I really didn't realise it had been so long since I'd written anything here, but just because I didn't doesn't mean I'd given up on the farm, quite the opposite it turned out to be a very successful season.

The lockdown and restrictions gave me a lot of extra time to spend on the farm, but also had the affect that I really didn't do much reading and writing during that time, just wasn't in the mood.

I did manage to keep the plot nice and tidy this year and did a far better job of successional sowing and re-using the ground once the first crops had been cleared. I also finished off some projects like the strawberry bed, a new shed floor and rebuilding the brassica cage.

This year also had a more decorative angle with the salad bed having both edibles and flowers, it got a lot of compliments and hopefully inspired some of the many new plot holders that have joined our site this year.

While I didn't update the blog very much I did post some pictures on Instagram, I found being able to take the pics, edit and update on my phone whilst still on the plot a bit easier.

If you'd like to follow the farm on Instagram, apparently it's known as Insta or 'the gram' to the youngsters, then search for dickys_farm  to see pics from this year and see how I get on next season.

I seemed to struggle to sit down and write things on here this year, (I was still working full time, just from home) and Instagram seemed to work very well for me, so for the start of next year at least I'll be updating on there. 

I'll leave this blog up and I've put some pics from this season up to show how it went. 

Happy Gardening!!








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Daisy Debs said...

Wow ! It is my ambition, to grow a red lettuce as beautiful and as full as that ! Wishing you and yours a very Happy (and a much safer) New Year 2021 :)