Saturday, April 18, 2020

I need a Shower.....

No that doesn't mean I'm letting my personal hygiene slip while working from home in these strange times, it means the April showers we expect just aren't coming and the plot is looking a little dry and dusty.

I'm very thankful we are still allowed to carry on working on the allotments, it is certainly helping to maintain my sanity. As someone who usually pops into his local 4/5 times in a week it provides a welcome opportunity to see a real human, even if it is just from a distance.

In the last couple of weeks I've been fairly busy planting at home and filling up my new greenhouse as well as some direct planting, housekeeping and completing the strawberry bed project.

The strawberry plants are looking good and the final level of the cage and netted lid have been added.

 All my spuds are in now, Foremost for earlies and Carolus for Main. Plenty of soil available for earthing up.

I planted out the broads and put a wind screen around them. They are supported with string as there can be a stiff breeze down there. This pic is a few days old, they are flowering nicely now.

Some direct planting. A half row of radishes, spring onions, lettuce and beetroot in one bed. Carrots and parsnips in the other.

Asparagus season is starting again. Only a couple so far but looking forward to it!!

Happy gardening folks!!


Daisy Debs said...

I need a shower too ! :) It's all sow sow sow grow grow grow here ..exciting isn't it ? ! I love all your wooden raised bed frame thingys .The strawberrys will romp away in there . It all looks so tidy and organised compared to mine .lol !

Dicky said...

Certainly and early start to the watering season!

Getting a lot done now I'm not travelling 2 hours a day to work.

Thank you. Happy growing.

Sue Garrett said...

It’s bizarre after all that constant rain someone has just turned the tap off.