Sunday, February 17, 2019

Lets get this party started....!

Or more to the point, lets get this planting started.

The 2019 season has officially started, last Saturday (9th), armed with a bag of John Innes compost and a well organised seed box I made a start on the planting over the weekend.

Downstairs on the cooler windowsill in the kitchen are marigolds, broad beans, white cabbages and kohl robi. While upstairs on the heated bedroom windowsill there are chillies and red and white onions.

A bit of recycling in this years planting equipment, a mixture of used mushroom trays and coffee cups from work.  Both have a bit of extra depth, and hopefully the broads will be pleased with the cups as they like a deeper pot apparently.

After a week, already putting in an appearance are the marigolds, white onions, cabbages and kohl robi and a couple of broads, not bad at all.


I want to start radishes, early carrots and salad off down on the plot under cloches but we are still getting quite a few severe frosts so I'll wait a couple more weeks before starting anything off down there.

Last year I had a lot of seedling failures and wasn't sure if it was down to the compost. This year I'm trying John Innes for the first time but I did make a bit of a boo boo. Instead of picking up number 1 compost for planting seeds I picked up number 2, which is for young seedlings. This means it has added zinc, I have yet to read what differences that makes, but surely as soon as a seed sprouts its a young seedling! I have noticed that the John Innes is more soil like, rather potting compost and may need careful watering as it retains a lot of it. The moisture meter may be on overtime.

Happy gardening folks!!  


Mal said...

Well haven't you stolen a march!

Sue Garrett said...

That is a problem with JI difficult keeping the watering just right.