Monday, April 02, 2018

The Bullet is Bitten

What a lovely Easter weekend, or should I say typical...

We go away tomorrow for 9 nights and predictably the weather improves, just not where we are going. The broad beans were starting to get pot bound so we had no choice but to brave it and start the season on Sunday.

Under the covers the ground is a bit warmer and not too wet. A quick hoe down to about 6 inches to break up any lumps of manure or compressed bits where the securing stones have been, a rake over and its ready for planting. Here's a before and after shot.

There is still fair bit of rain forecast in the next couple of days so the spuds and asparagus can wait until we get back, for now it was the broads to go out, some peas seeds and a few odd bits under cloches to plant. Oh and the usual weeding.

The broads have been living in the cold frame so should be fairly well hardened off, the worry as ever is any high winds. As you can see they were getting desperate to be planted out. There are 34 plants in all so hopefully a good crop. Maybe this years bad weather will keep the black fly at bay. You live in hope. Here's the finished job.

Under here are couple of short rows of radishes, beetroot, lettuces and something called Red Orac, a spinach substitute, we had haven't tried it before, we found it at a garden show. Could be interesting.

I know this may seem like a lot of pea seeds to put in a trench, but our luck with them is appalling, so carpet bombing and thinning is the way forward this year.  

Heather gave the garlic, remaining leeks and asparagus bed a good weeding, once she'd finished lunch in the boot of the car that is, surprisingly little had actually grown. The beds behind H are next doors, he is currently putting us to shame.

We are still harvesting last years crops, the weather had kept us away so they are lasting us well. Some of the parsnips are huge now, the leeks never really got that big, the sprouts are done and  finally the purple sprouting broccoli is coming through.

The rhubarb and the raspberries are showing new signs of life, so mother has got her act together somewhere at least.

I have a day off when we get back so that will be spuds and asparagus day, fingers crossed for good weather!

Happy gardening folks!!


Sue Garrett said...

I’m hoping if nothing else the appalling weather will have killed a lot of the bugs that were so prolific last year.

Daisy Debs said...

Brilliant ! Makes my heart sing to see the new growing season starting off :)