Friday, December 30, 2016

Courgette Madness and Other Squashes

Alan Titchmarsh reckons that the average family of four needs two courgette plants to keep them in courgettes for the season........ so why then did we plant seven!!.
Don't get me wrong I like a courgette, I think they are a tasty and flexible veg and we use a lot of them, but the spreadsheet Heather kept (Yes I know!) shows we nearly hit the 100 fruits mark.
It comes to the point where you can't give them away, friends and family hide when they see you approaching with one and the only solution seems to be to pick them while they are still small enough to shove through a letterbox. Eventually your fridge looks like this!

The number of fruits one plant can produce never ceases to amaze me and we had a good year as you can see.


Add to this the range of other squashes such as pumpkin, marrow, spaghetti squash and the ornamental gourd and you start to see the scale of the problem we are dealing with here.
We will cover the spaghetti squash separately at a later date as they are an interesting one, by what about those gourds.
You can't eat them, so why grow them. It's an American thing, Heather is from the US of A and insisted on them, here what we ended up with.

We gave them away to  local schools and churches for harvest festival and used them to decorate the front garden for Halloween. They actually went down rather well, but maybe not so many next year.

The pumpkins were shop bought as we only grew small more edible ones, but I kept some seeds to grow my own next year.

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