Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's taking Shape - But Am I Behind

Things are starting to move on the plot now, thanks to the warmer weather. As you can see it looks like a tent village at the moment, with early lettuces and the like hiding under cloches. Our plot is near a river and the temprature there is always a couple of degrees lower than at home.

The PSB is producing loads and already more than paid for the time investment, first time I've had it, very impressed, will be doing a summer variety this year. Don't think it will last much longer though.

My first lettuces are sheltering under the cloches tunnel and are growing nicely, these are Sangria, Little Gem and Counter, already planted more to follow them up.

The Candid Charm Cauli's have suffered some transplant shock, could be the cold, could be I didn't water them in very well, could be the shock of going into limed soil ???? I think they will be OK but will plant some spares in case.

Two rows of radishes (French Breakfast 3) and one of Spring Onions (Ramrod) are in the cold frame and doing OK, might have to fill in some gaps in the onions though.

And finally this contraption is sheltering my carrot, parsnip and beetroot seeds in case it rains and causes the clay to cap over too much, they were planted in well watered trenches and covered with well raked, dry soil so fingers crossed. The ends are covered now so might alos help with carrot fly. The rest of the bed will be spuds, 4 rows of earlies are in, the mains will follow this weekend.

And finally here are all the plants growing on the bench at home. there are more indoors that I planted this weekend that will go in here once they germinate.

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Matron said...

I don't think you are behind. I have noticed that everything catches up with everything else eventually. Plants are very sensitive to day length and seem to know when they have to get a move on!