Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's Getting Warmer !!!

It’s that time of year again, slightly lighter evenings so you can visit the plot without breaking your neck and ankle and a hint of warmer weather that makes you reach for the seeds and compost J

I’ve already been to the garden centres, over bought everything I think I’ll need and started planting, I just wish the rain would give it a rest now and let me get on with some digging!!!!. I’ve made a start and re-cut the edges of 3 of the beds and trimmed all the grass, I’ve got one to go but its way too wet, the soil has the sort of consistency that would make a good mud wrestling ring!!!!

Still growing from last year are leeks, parsnips and suedes, all very nice, once again though my broccoli has been the victim of a bit of bad luck (and a savage high level attack!!!), I thought I was doing well, not a single sign of pigeon problems was I having, until it snowed and the buggers stripped all the purple sprouting!!!!!. Luckily it has recovered and was worth the wait, it's now producing a good few meals a week, will be netting it next year.

Here's some pics of my planting this year

Cauliflower seedlings

I have planted some onions from seed (Bedford Champion), (I wouldn’t be growing many this year), leeks (Musselburgh), cauliflower (Candid Charm), Spinach (Tornado F1) and lettuces (Sangria, Little Gem and Counter), Cabbage (tundra F1, Walking stick) all in cells ready for planting out in situ under cloches. I've dragged the cold frame to the plot and planted radishes and spring onions direct. Sweet corn,, chillies, peppers and auberines are warming nicely in the airing cupboard.

Happy Gardening for 2007!!!

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Matron said...

I sympathize with your broccoli attacks! Right from the start it is a constant battle through the Summer, then from hungry animals in the Winter. It has all been worthwhile right now. Nothing better than your own PSB straight from the garden. Love the blog!