Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Seed Man Cometh

Damm it's easy to get carried away with seeds catalogues, marked all the ones I wanted and then realised I have enough for about 2 acres of planting and would need a greenhouse the size of the palm house at Kew!!!!!!!!!.

I decided to order the whole lot from Mr Fothergills to keep it simple, that, plus the seeds left from this year and off various magazines should do me for the season (might do a germination test).

I tried to find varities that matched my needs, spuds that can stay in the ground, long croppers etc, time will tell if I made a good job of it.

As you can see there is plenty to keep me going.

For next year I will mostly be growing..... (hopefully)

Potatoes: Foremost, Santes
Onions: Centurion, Red Baron
Sweetcorn: Swift F1
Radish: Sparkler 3, Big Ben
Carrot: Early Nantes 2, James Scarlet Intermediate
Parsnip: Merlin F1
Pak Choi: Riko F1
Leeks: Musselburgh
Lettuce: Red Salad Bowl, Lobbots, Little Gem, Sangria
Tomato: Marketmore, Gardeners Delight, Golden Sunrise
Peppers: Pepper Apple
Broccoli: Red Arrow, Marathon F1, Romanesco Natalino
Cucumber: Marketmore
Runner Bean: Best Of All
Courgette: Orelia, De Nice Fruit Rond
Pumpkin: Halloween (Sunny)
Squash: Butterrnut
Chilli: Ceyenne
Spring Onion: Ishikura

The plan is to pot sow most stuff at home and then pot it out, that way I can keep a better eye on them.

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Anonymous said...

I use Fothergills too and have always found them to be really quick and they have a no quibble policy and will replace seed which doesn't germinate whatever the reason. I have tonnes of seeds - I think I am a shopaholic when it comes to seeds. Those Iskikura onions are bunching onions which have no bulb at the end as such