Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New Potting Trays

So far this year all I've planted is a row of garlic that started growing in the kitchen cupboard. Leeks, onions, Broads and chili's are on the schedule for this weekend.

In the mean time I've been building myself a couple of these wooden pot holding trays out of pallet wood. Far more sturdy than the thin plastic things that break under the weight of damp compost. Recycling at it's best.
My cleaner is pleased I'll be doing all the planting and potting in the garage this year instead of in the kitchen now I have my work benches.

I've been working on the new strawberry bed when it's been warm at the weekend, pictures to follow soon.

Happy gardening folks!

1 comment:

Daisy Debs said...

Very nice pot holding trays ! Very envious ! :)