Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Food stockpiles and Brexit

Here are the farm we don't discuss politics but politics is impacting gardening it seems. 

I follow a few food preservation groups on facebook and ended up following a link to one where its members are seriously concerned about a disruption to the food supply following Brexit in March 2019. The members are building up their food supplies so they could survive a few weeks or even months by living off food in their cupboard.

The BBC has been covering this same topic with members of the public stockpiling along with company efforts to stockpile.

As one poster pointed out on facebook, March/April is possibly the lowest time of productivity yield in a garden. However a number of them have been making long term plans to maximize their winter vegetables like leeks as much as possible.

Some of my jarred chillis
Some have decided to start gardening this year, remembering the Dig for Victory efforts and how rationing in the UK was in effect during and after the war until 1954. 

Others are stockpiling vegetables in tins in the event that the electrical supply is disturbed. They're buying an extra few tins each week of things like carrots and potatoes along with basics like rice and lentils.

Independent of Brexit, here at the farm we try to preserve and stockpile food as much as possible, although Dicky has put his foot down at my frozen French bean stores (too soggy I've heard!)

We do have three spaghetti squash and five marrows still to see us through the next few months.

In the past I've jarred tomato sauce, salsa and chillis. There's nothing so nice as eating your own tomato sauce in the dead of winter. 

Dicky and his sister recall spending hours assisting their parents when the bean harvest came in. I'm not sure if they are really fond memories though!

Some of my dried and jarred chillis
I grew up near Amish country in America and those folks have big gardens and they preserve a lot. Granted there is a lot more growing and storing space in America but check out these photos of an Amish larder, it may give you canning envy!

How about you, has Brexit influenced your garden habits?

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Sue Garrett said...

No changes here for Brexit. It's strange isn't it - the people of Britain didn't exactly starved prior to joining the EU or Common Market as it was then. Also lots of our food comes from outside of the EU.