Monday, January 01, 2018

Winter Blues..

I must admit, we aren't really the winter gardening types.

I see all the pictures and Facebook posts of people working on their plots over winter and can only admire the dedication. Usually I just convince myself that it's ok for them as they have large sheds, stoves and are allowed fires etc, but secretly I know I'm kidding myself.

Apart from occasional visits to drop off compost from home, check for storm/vandal damage or pick some bits and pieces we don't really get down to the farm that much. The parsnips, leeks, sprouts and broccoli left from this seasons sowings are just doing their thing, even under the snow. Although I'm hearing reports of leaf miner affecting leeks locally.

Talking of snow I was relieved the brassica cage survived the covering we got in Essex. I'd seen pictures of collapsed fruit cages and the like on other sites and given the fine mesh I was a bit worried the weight of the snow would wreck it. Luckily there were only a few torn strands which were easily fixed. 

There was a visit on Christmas day to grab some sprouts and dig up the first parsnips (Countess) which proved to be a good size and lovely and straight. They were very sweet and I'm looking forward to more.

Thoughts are already turning to next year and the first seed catalogues have landed on the doorstep. I'll be doing a review of this year shortly and will be covering the outline plan for next season.

Happy gardening folks!!


Mal said...

Clearly you have a winter harvest and you are ahead of the game for next year! Why create work? Happy New Year.

Daisy Debs said...

Happy New year to you . Cheer up..those Parsnips are wonderful !...and you are so lucky to have some snow ..I would love a bit of snow to play in..very rarely get snow here ! Yes I,m reading my seed catalogues too..ah..simple pleasures ! :) x

Sue Garrett said...

I sent off our main seed order tonight. We haven’t really had much on the way of snow, just a centimetre ir so for a coupe of hours.

Dicky said...

Like your thinking Mal!!

I love snow Debs, to look at anyway :O)

I'm saving that one till next week Sue, the long winter evening will fly