Monday, October 23, 2006

All Sad

I'm now in the process of covering the lottie for the winter, there are still a few things growing, leeks, parsnips, swede, lettuce, purple sprouting brocolli and carrots.

I haven't pulled a parsnip yet but I had a dig around with my fingers and they feel like they have grown nice and broad. Think I'll wait for the first frost before I try them. Will leave the leeks a bit longer yet as well.

Cheeky buggers at the council sent me a letter saying I wasn't keeping it up and did I still want it. I hope for their sake they are confusing my plot with the unkept one next door and not including the unkept path of theirs which i'm not allowed to touch. Words will be had.

One the plus side I get to have a big fire,all blokes like poking a fire with a stick and I get to carve my pumpkins for halloween.

Soon it will be all plasticed over again waiting for next year, now wheres that seed book !!

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