Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some Progress

A few minor activities to report, my seed spuds have arrived and are laid out in trays under cover, they have started to develop shoots but I'll keep them under cover a bit longer as it's a bit early.

The white onions I ordered didn't look like enough so i've been out and bought 100 more of a different variety as well.

I have started the cold frame, bought the grow bags to go in it etc, but run out of wood, it's about twice the size I intended.

I checked the soil PH at the lottie the other day and it looks good, hopefully just a liberal spread of growmore (which B+Q sold cheap) is all that will be required as part of a light digover as I get ready to plant. The weed control seems to be working on everything except the garlic chives which appear to need niether light nor weater!!!!!!!!!!


Emma Kitteridge said...

Is yours an arable farm or are you going to have animals on it?

Emma K

Dicky said...

Would be interested in keeping chickens, but not on the lottie